Lucky Happenstances

Today a Facebook Friend (an FF not to be confused with the Fantastic Four- my fantastic friends far outnumber that) of mine shared an image from a remarkable cartoonist by the name of Sophie Labelle. Sophie writes Assigned Male Comics. I’m not trans, but many of my besties are and I’ll admit I worry about them. This world isn’t super kind to what it considers “normal” and for all our vulnerable populations who live on the fringes, life can be a constant aggressive, passive aggressive and microaggressive hell.

This is where Sophie comes in. She sets a bar as a comic artist I hope to reach myself someday. She’s a smart, funny, talented voice for a community that rarely gets to have that from the inside in a manner that’s accessible to the outside. She’s iconic without being an icon. A real flesh and blood human who shows vulnerability with a bravery I can’t help but love and admire.

This is where you come in, my friends. Although Sophie (rightfully) gets a lot of good and positive support for the work she does, she also (wrongfully) receives a lot of hate. If she can continue to be badass, then I think the least we can do is our part to make sure the love outweighs the hate. If you want to do your good deed for today, like Sophie’s page. Visit her Patreon. Share some kind words with her when something resonates with you. It’s not an act of charity. It’s win win because you’ll get to read and support some great art and I promise great art makes great life.

Artfully yours,


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